Owner | Founder | Sr. Bartender

Hometown: San Gabriel, CA & Rosemead, CA

Day Occupation: American Red Cross | LinkedIn

Education: University of La Verne

Major: Organizational Management & Human Resources

Preferences: iPhone > Android >:)

Favorite Drink: Hit me with that Mimosa all day, errrday

Did You Know:

My first ever customer service job was at Universal Studios Hollywood- Doc Brown's Chicken in 2002... #memories

Private Events Bartending | 2006 - Present

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]

Sr. Bartender

Lived: Manila, Philippines - Portland, OR – Decatur, IL

Day Occupation: Financial Analyst

Beer of Choice: Beer of choice is no beer at all!

Favorite Bar: The Speakeasy

Fave Food: Chipotle, anytime. Cold Stone, yes please... BDUBS!

Hobbies: I enjoy artsy activities, including calligraphy

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]

Sr. Bartender

Day Occupation: Human Resources

Education: California State University, Northridge

Major: Sociology

Favorite Spirit: Tequila!!!

Interests: Mid-century relics and traveling

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]

Sr. Bartender

Education: B.A. from U.C. San Diego

Day Job: Respite Caregiver for kids with special needs... Guitar Instructor... Barista Extraordinaire & More!!

Favorite Food: Donuts til I drop son!

Fun Fact: The best gift you could give me is new music. If you have any recommendations, get in contact, ASAP!

Personal Heroes: Steve Martin, Barack Obama and my Mother.

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]


Hometown: Inglewood, CA

Day Occupation: Human Resources.. *~crickets~*

Favorite Cocktail: Amaretto sour :)

Favorite Food: Ramen and tacos... and for dessert, on-to Yogurtland!!

Hobbies: I love to draw, paint, and of course, spend time with my family!

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]


Day Occupation: Working in the Finance world helping social entrepreneurs!

Hometown: The People's Republic of Takoma Park, Maryland

Favorite Drink: Manhattan!! | Favorite Food: Pastelon A.K.A.... Puerto Rican Lasagna~!

Favorite T.V. Show: Sex and the City

Fun Fact(s): Studied piano for 7 long years... also I got lost on the 1st day of Kindergarten...

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]


Hometown: Baldwin Park CA, home of the first In 'N' Out... you should be jealous

Day Occupation: Student & Uber Driver

Major: Geology

Fave Drink: A Whiskey Sour but I'd take a cold beer over anything any day.

Favorite Food: Chicken wings!!

Heroes: Donnie Yen & Luke Skywalker

Fun Fact: When I'm out camping, I always find something that someone left behind.

One time, I found a digital camera on a mountain. Is 'finders keepers' still a thing?

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]


Hometown: Sunny Southern California

Day Job: Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Fave Cocktail: Bay Breeze

Ideal Car: A new one. LOL :P

Hobbies: Photography, Hiking & Cooking

Favorite Food: I love FOOD period. I'm on that SEE Food Diet!

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Day Occupation: Contracts Associate (Non-profit)
Education: California State University Long Beach & Antioch University Los Angeles
Major: International Studies; Nonprofit Management
Favorite Drink: The Godfather (Whiskey & Amaretto)
Hobbies: Anything outdoors! Traveling and quality time with quality folks :)
[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]


Hometown: Los Angeles & Glendora

Education: Citrus College, Glendora CA

Major: Dental Hygiene ya’ll! Keep those teeth pearly white :P

Day Occupation: Dental Assistant

Favorite drink: Paloma’s, Vodka Tonics, and TEQUILAAA~!

Favorite food: POKE!!! I will never get tired of eating poke. I am obsessed!

Fun Fact: I hated going to the dental office in the past and now I have a full-time career at a private dental office.

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]


Hometown: Born and raise in Los Angeles, CA -- home of the kale smoothies and vegan cupcakes!

Day Occupation: Foundation Development Officer & College Professor

Education: Hampton University & Antioch University

Fave Drink: Side Car (make it a Bourbon)

Random Fun Facts: I've competed in a fitness competition and run a fitness blog ;)

Favorite Director: Hayao Miyazaki (anime anyone?)

Favorite Past Time: Listening to podcast (Blame it on the commute)

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]


Hometown: Born in Hong Kong; grew up and still living in LA!

Hobbies: Arts & Crafts, Traveling, and seeing the world -- setting foot on every continent!

Occupation: Almost Licensed Architect by day, aspiring Bartender by night

Fave Drink: Irish Coffee, because it has all the essential ingredients ;)

Fun Fact: I completed a marathon and hope to do more in the future

Favorite food: EVERYTHING under the sun and sea!

[Certified Bartender | T.I.P.S. Certified]

Sr. Bar Assistant

From: West Covina, CA

Day Occupation: Dental Assistant

Favorite Food: Spaghetti & Pizza! | Favorite Drink: Moscow Mule

Favorite Movie: Sex in the City

Fact: Disneyland Annual Pass Holder :)

[T.I.P.S. Certified]

Bar Assistant & Photographer

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Day Occupation: Information Technology (IT! that's right!)

Education: Cal Poly Pomona

Fave Food: All types. HUGE foodie

Hobbies: Photography & then more of that huge foodie thing... nom nom nom

Bar Assistant

Hometown: Born in the Philippines but raised in LA!
Day Occupation: Finance Assistant (non-profit)
Major: Business Administration - emphasis on Accounting
Favorite Drink: Adios/ a fishbowl. whichever gets me there faster >:)
Favorite Food: Grilled seafood and vegetables! Scallops, fish, eel, and lobsters all day!
Hobbies: playing board games and card games with my friends. Oh and anime :)
Fun Fact: Used to donate blood on the regular. Until one day i fainted from donating after a long day and not eating. Now I can't get my blood drawn without feeling faint.

[T.I.P.S. Certified]

Bar Assistant

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[T.I.P.S. Certified]